Colour infusion with orange 2: bathrooms

Orange might not be the first colour you think of for bathrooms, but if you want to bring in some warmth, fun and a little bit of the unexpected - take a look at the inspiration we have gathered for this post. The designs that we wish to share with you are really hot for orange - it isn't just a case of a terracotta bath rug and hand towel; these bathrooms are bold and proud so you will need to have respect for this brighter hue for it to work. If on the other hand you are a fan of this colour but are unsure about how it will look in home décor - start with small pieces and work your way up!

  • Our first bathroom works orange in with white woodwork, cabinets and natural stone floor tiles. The orange you choose depends on personal taste, although for this project we particularly like the look of a more Mediterranean inspired orange such as warm and earthy terracotta. Bring it to the walls leaving skirts, woodwork and ceiling white. Mix a rustic country style with some contemporary touches; the rustic comes in with wicker baskets to store bathing products and the laundry, a green plant with terracotta pot, dried lavender used as wall décor and open shelving with fluffy white towels. For a touch of contemporary, consider a shower curtain with stripes - picking up on the orange and perhaps a secondary colour such as green or lavender.
  • The next bathroom is essentially modern and uses more than one shade of orange for depth - paint a cabinet under a sink in an almost red-orange; this is your darkest colour. Choose an adjacent wall to be a focal point in a medium orange and the third, lightest and yet brightest shade comes in with accessories. Maintain light in the room by painting/tiling the other walls white or a very light grey, white floor tiles and modern white suite. Choose metal over wood with a metal towel rack, wall sconce, mirror frame, faucets etc. Aluminium ready made blinds will enhance this look; when it comes to accessories - go for a less is more with a small art canvas on the focal wall (if you can find one which uses the darker and lighter tones of orange then bonus!) A glass vase of fresh orange flowers adds a nice finishing touch.
  • Last but by no means least - this is a design for those who know they can live with the intensity of a predominantly orange bathroom; it has character and hints at exotic glamour! It would be great if you could expand on this sense of glamour with a luxurious statement piece - a sunken bath? Silk curtains? Both? A contemporary white bathroom suite will prevent this from crossing into the seventies - do make the most of natural light too with polished wood floor and well placed mirrors. A sultry atmosphere is also good though, so look for mood lighting such as candles or upward wall sconce. Use a light orange-yellow for the walls and a punchier shade for eyelet curtains ready made - let them pool to the floor below. Don't forget a touch of green to liven the space up - a large exotic plant would be our first choice.

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