Colour infusion with orange 1: kitchens

You might be thinking that we are late with this series - the colour that always reminds us of Autumn, Halloween and the changing colour of the leaves. However, perhaps we waited on purpose for the Autumn season to pass, so that we could look at orange without pinning it to seasonal décor. It is a sad fact but many home-owners shy away from using orange and it has always been seen as too loud and bright for more than just an accent colour.

That being said, we have seen a slow uprising and if you wanted to take your chances - now is the time! Our orange hues are celebrated in home decorating for how they highlight the rich tones of woods, compliment the cooler hues such as white, grey and blue; not to forget how it can make red and pinks that little bit more exciting! We have inspiration and some great interior design ideas people; starting with kitchen designs for the orange hungry amongst you.

  • In our first kitchen we play with orange in many ways to enhance other parts of the décor - warm woods are used for cabinets, grey flooring and touches of red for more personality. This look works really well - its modern, innovative and sophisticated. Begin with a medium grey floor tile and paint the ceiling white. You are at an advantage with an open plan layout and lots of natural light, perhaps employing a lot of glass into your design to maximise that light. We recommend using a darker tone of orange on the walls of your kitchen - something like rust or a terracotta that isn't too bright.
  • If you have saved for a new kitchen then do choose something that uses a medium wood with rich undertones, some gloss black would also look good; as would a touch of stainless steel. Keeping in with the modern look, choose a design with clean lines and a good sense of order - perhaps incorporating an island unit? Accessorise minimally but make a statement - a large canvas on the wall with abstract print in red, orange and grey helps to blend colours and bring the room together. Add the red in again with some glossy pots on an open shelf and a red kitchen rug.
  • Here is a little something for those of you who don't have a large or open plan kitchen - it actually looks much more attractive in a smaller one! Start your decorating adventure with medium to dark wood flooring which is contrasted with white tongue and groove panelling halfway up the walls - paint other woodwork in white to match. A bright and juicy orange is painted above the panelling - we would go for a tangerine shade. Mix vintage with modern when choosing furnishings; a wooden drop-leaf table fits in the small space and comes with some modern white stackable chairs for convenience.
  • Install open shelving above the wall panelling, later a great place to display some vintage crockery in white and pops of pale blue or yellow. Complete the look with complimentary kitchen blinds - a white background with simple pattern picking up on the colours of your kitchen.

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