Colour explosion!

If maritime and nautical doesn’t ‘catch’ your imagination and ‘reel’ you in and themed interiors aren't your thing either; then how about the interior ‘colour explosion’ that emerged during the Spring (gaining pace ever since) to brighten your summer decor and add energy and interest to your oh so vital surroundings?

Bucket and spades on sand, with blue sky with clouds

After all, what’s going to lift your spirits and make you feel more energised, invigorated, recharged or summery than a vibrant splash of colour?

Palette of different colours on a white background

Splashes of bright, almost neon shades are evident in walls, flooring, fabrics and even in furniture finishes in this year’s interiors, with strong & hot colours such as fuchsia, turquoise, red and bright blues playing a big part; although the palette is diverse and accommodating.

Zandra Rhodes Sherbert Duvet Set Multi

How wonderfully colourful and energetic is this vibrant bedding set from Zandra Rhodes? Spot on with this year’s explosive colour palettes, Zandra’s unmistakable and inimitable style shines through and captures the season’s trend for pops of bright colour perfectly.

Her ‘Sherbert Duvet Set’ certainly fizzes with colour and fun! Stripes of bold colour are overlaid with a delicately detailed, floral starburst pattern, creating a charming yet vivacious design which could form the beginning of any number of interesting colour combinations and interior schemes. The lifestyle image shows it teamed with a sunny yellow/green chartreuse colour on the walls and coordinating multi-coloured artwork.

Zandra Rhodes Flash Duvet Set Multi

The energetic turquoise wall colour in this room set, showcases the crisp white bedding of Zandra’s ‘Flash’ design; adorned with flashes of colour in the form of geometric patterned stripes with matching pillow cases . The set is fun and funky. Plain chartreuse pillow shams pick up the colour of the pendant lights and provide a sharp contrast and on-trend colour clash with the turquoise wall. The white floor keeps the look open and fresh.

Zandra Rhodes Cleo Duvet Set Multi

Slightly more feminine in design, but equally colourful and fresh, is Zandra’s ‘Cleo’ bedding set. This fresh white setting is given depth and warmth with touches of purple and hot pink accents which offer a nod towards the colour of the year – ‘Radiant Orchid’ and you’ll even see a few subtle butterfly motifs putting in an appearance among the over sized stylized blooms.

Zandra Rhodes Cosmo Duvet Set Multi

This all white room is given a welcome burst of colour by the energetically, fun and translucent coloured ‘bubbles’ of Zandra’s ‘Cosmo’ design. A jazzy, multi-coloured zig-zag stripe backs the duvet adding yet more colour and interest to what is already a fun, funky and informal colour explosion! Definitely not one for the colour cautious!

Memphis Printed Dvet Set Multi

If you are among the colour cautious, then here is a more subtle but equally effective approach to an eclectic colour mix. ‘Memphis’ from our core bedding range, offers geometric blocks of colour outlined and defined by a subtle, neutral, beige shade which calms the colour combination to create an interesting more than striking geometric design. It certainly adds a welcome splash of multi-tonal colour to the neutral and beige room set with natural wood finishes pictured above.

Kirsty Allsopp Megan Bedding Set Accessories

This colourful ensemble is from our Kirsty Allsopp collection and Kirsty has combined her inimitable feminine style with the season’s trend for pops of bright colour and mis-matched colours and patterns. The design combines motifs including bold pink blooms, sewing labels, vintage advertisements, postcard prints and even a few more birds and butterflies creeping in – basically everything that epitomises Kirsty’s truly homely and craft-y style, in the season’s on-trend colour palette.

Floral curtains with red roses and then real and white birds and butterflies

Kirsty has covered every aspect of this ensemble too as she has created a carefully selected set of matching accessories and curtains, to make this a truly obtainable ‘get the look at home’ collection.

Two turquoise rugs

Either of these two stunning turquoise rugs would look great in Kirtie’s lifestyle image, but if you think about it, rugs can often be one of the quickest and most effective ways to change a theme or colour scheme in a room – and just as easily removed with the change of the seasons or a turn in trends. They can be used to add a splash of on-trend colour, or can sometimes simply be the starting point of a colour scheme for your interior decor.

Hong Kong HK 412 Rug Multi

The colourful abstract pattern on this large area rug provides an attractive focal point in this lifestyle image, but also provides the colour palette from which the colourful accessories in the room have been selected. The careful placing of key accent items such as the floor lamp, throw and scatter cushions provide a link to the rug, which almost acts as a huge piece of artwork, to pull the look together.

Hong Kong HK 459 Rug Black and Multi

Similarly in this image, a very neutral room in varying tones of grey is given personality by the abstract paint splash rug and accents are added by the lively pops of colour provided by the accessories.

Hong Kong HK 701 Rug White

Geometrics are a key feature again in fashion and interiors this year and this 3D, multi-coloured, cube design rug, with a light cream background again serves as a focal point in this neutral setting, but the light background gives the floor area and expansive and open look, amplified by the large window which floods the room with natural light.

Hong Kong HK 701 Rug Black

The same rug, in exactly the same setting, with a black background, however, gives a totally different look. The look is still impressive and still draws the eye to a focal point, but is more intimate and cosy as the dark background absorbs more of the natural light in the room. I would be stuck for choice between these two, as the black is equally as stunning as the cream is fresh!

Hong Kong HK 680 Rug Cream and Multi

A lean towards Tropical influences was also a trend emerging in the early Spring with designs featuring bold tropical flora and fauna in strong colours incorporating reds, turquoises and lime greens, to mention but a few. This stunning rug features all those tones and large stylised images of tropical flowers and palm leaves.

Hong Kong HK 680 Rug Dark and Multi

And again the same design has been given a different dimension against a background of dark purples, plumbs and black – almost as though it’s against a tropical night shy!

Indian Prism Rug Multi

Finally, this aptly named ‘Prism’ rug, showcases a variable kaleidoscope of colours in a charming geometric design which hints at the natural refraction of white light into colours through a prism. The design is fun, fanciful and daring and offers a colour palette with endless possibilities. Go brave.....and dare to do colourful this summer! Image Sources

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