Colour combinations – food for thought- part 7 – strawberries and cream

What could be more romantic on Valentine's Day than colour combinations of strawberries and cream! These soft colours are the ideal choice in modern and traditionally styles homes and interiors. You could of course opt for duvet sets which actually depict strawberries and cream but they may be rather wearing to the eye over time.

More appropriately luxury bedding sets which provide an overall feel good factor may be more suitable. Opt for delicate floral patterns if you want to capture one of this years hottest interior design trends of interiors inspired by nature.

Quintessentially English red roses are another great Valentine's Day favourite and if you want to create a romantic mood are a great choice in the bedroom! As red is the colour associated with passion and love teamed with cream or ivory can transform the entire look of a bedroom. For those who like to be different create a dramric look by coordinating red and black!

This is sure to create a romantic ambience in the bedroom! Red is also a great colour for using in dining rooms and kitchens as it is associated with stimulating appetite. Colour therapists have carried out numerous studies which indicate that people actually salivate when they are in a room which has red incorporated within it. Apparently the mind associates red with food! Think along the lines of sumptuous summer fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and red currants, or beautifully red ripe tomatoes and you will begin to see how colour therapists reach their results.

Fussy eater in your home? Try adding red into your eating area. You don't have to spend a fortune or completely redecorate. Try changing your window dressing to cheap roller blinds in tomato red or swapping your dining room curtains for berry red sheer voile curtains. It may just work and help prevent you from throwing uneaten food in the bin! We have seen throughout this mini series how colour combinations inspired by natural foods can change the whole look of our homes.

As they are derived from nature they can also make us feel more relaxed and less stressful. Keep these thoughts in mind next time you want to create a totally new look to your home, be inspired by nature and the gorgeous natural colours combination it provides!

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