Colour combinations – food for thought- part 5 – raspberry and apples

Soft and gentle on the eye, raspberry and apple colour combinations bring the warmth of summer into your home very effectively. The great advantage to using these two colours is that you can perk them up or tone them down to suit your personality and your interior design style. Swap the soft gentle pastels for more vibrant tones and a room will take on a whole new dimension.

As neon colours are in-trend at the moment neon pink and green are great colours to use in teen bedrooms or contemporary dining areas. As red or pink tones are believed to increase appetite using these colours in the kitchen or dining room is worth considering. Pink is produced by adding white to red, therefore depending on how much white is added a wide variety of different shades of pink can be made.

Think of the 'shades of' ranges which were popular a few years back for paint colours. These where predominately white paint with the merest touch of red added, likewise pale shades of green were also produced to offer the subtlest hints of colour. Today interior designers have re-focused on using white combined with a brighter accent colour rather than having 'hints of', after all we all know that hints can back fire on us! If you want a colour than go for it rather than just dabbling!

However, the palest shades and hues can offer some wonderful colour schemes which suit different people's homes, raspberry and apple in their natural colours are quite bright and will add a whole new lease of life to any room within a home. Whether you use equal quantities of each colour or prefer to have one more dominant than the other is purely a matter of personal taste and the look you are trying to achieve.

Pale sheer fabrics for Roman blinds or cheap roller blinds will let an abundance diffused light into a room and can be useful for reducing the affects of harsh sunlight. Use matching fabric for chair cushions to bring the room together and give it a sense of cohesion. Alternatively opt for a window dressing with Marisa curtains, rather than blinds, as these provide a floral pattern which revolves around green and dark pink colour tones and are ideal for creating a modern country cottage look to your home. 

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