Colour combinations – food for thought- part 2 – oranges and lemons

With more people working from home having an office space or workstation which is conducive is extremely important. Equally important are the colours which are used within this area or room of your home. Bright colours are an ideal way to boost morale, motivation along with work out-put! Having to make space in the corner of a room for computers is also becoming an integral part of modern lifestyles, more especially as many parents are concerned over what their off-spring are actually doing on a computer becoming an increasing concern it is easier to make a work station which fits neatly and unobtrusively into corners of living or dining rooms.

Colour combinations of orange and lemon provide a zesty modern look, Roman blinds in either colour or a combination of both is the ideal window dressing as they allow the maximum of light into a room when pulled to the top of the window. Cheap roller blinds are another good option for north facing windows. Any dull, dark room with little sunlight will greatly benefit from a yellow based colour scheme to compensate for the lack of light and bring the gentle warmth of the sun.

For home office which have a south facing window may be better off using cheap Venetian blinds so that the slats can be angled to divert direct sunlight away from the computer screen. Screen glare can be a real problem, as such Venetian blinds will enable the direction of the light to be angles away without making the room too dark. Using yellow and a complimentary colour on walls and cheap blinds provides a soft and natural look to a room, injections of orange colour can be included by adding soft furnishings or office stationery in bright orange.

Use lemon yellow with orange to create out a healthy, summery, citrus theme. As orange is mentally stimulating as well as a sociable colour it is ideal to use it to get people thinking! The vibrant and happy colour of orange is an excellent feng shui choice for the living room, children's rooms or anywhere in your home where you want to have a playful, lively and pulsating energy. Usually, it is easier to bring it with feng shui décor accessories or one feature wall, rather than a full room colour which can be overbearing and oppressive. Image: Belle Maison

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