Coastal themed interiors

A coastal or beach theme is a fantastic way to turn a busy and cluttered home into a serene and tranquil space. When you think of the coast you instantly conjure up images of pale blue skies, fluffy white clouds and sandy shores and it is these images that you will use to create a coastal themed home.

Probably the most important part of the scheme is the colours you choose. Colour can completely transform a space and really help set the tone for the rest of the scheme. The following colours would each make a great backdrop to any coastal themed room:

Pale blue- Any shade of pale blue is perfect. Where pastel and baby blue would be good representations of a sunny sky, the more turquoise shades can be used to indicate the presence of the ocean.

Gold/Yellow- Representative of both the sun and the sand, all shades of yellow, from lemon to gold make fantastic colours to use in a coastal themed setting. Gold makes for a fantastic accent colour when included as a picture frame or gold leaf side cabinet whereas more sandy coloured shades would make an ideal choice for a carpet.

Pure white- White makes great base colour for any coastal theme room. Not only is it fresh and clean but it also provides a blank canvas for anything else you choose to add. If you decide on white as your wall colour, just make sure it is a pure white and not an offshoot of white like eggshell or antique white.

When filling your room, look for furniture that has an aged look, preferring wood, rope and cotton to steel, glass and silk. You can age your own furniture by sanding then whitewashing it to give it some rough and ready charm.

Natural elements like driftwood, bottled sand and sea shells can be used as inexpensive table and shelf ornaments, whereas larger items like fishing nets, paddles and antique life rings can be wall hung to great effect, you could even have a local craftsman create a coastal themed coffee table out of some old wood and ropes.

A centrally placed rag rug is a great addition to any beach themed sitting room- you will feel like you’ve just thrown down a blanket for a family picnic each time you sit to watch TV!

Framed pictures offer a great opportunity to add to the theme of your room. Scenes depicting beaches, lighthouses or seaside resorts would all look fantastic- you could even use your own blown up holiday snaps to add a more personal touch. Frames should be in keeping the furniture- natural wood being your best bet.

The most important thing is to keep the overall effect calm and serene- your coastal theme room should be as relaxing as a day at the beach. With that in mind, keep the amount of furniture you include to a minimum- a crowded room will be anything but peaceful. Also keep an eye on the amount of colour you use, tones should be fairly muted rather than in your face.

Sea themed table lamps can help to add a relaxed mood whilst adding a little character. A lighthouse or boat shaped lamp for example would bring a little humour or, for movie buffs what about a Jaws lamp- yes they actually exist! Fabrics in the shape of ready made curtains, throws, pillows and duvet covers can also be used to add to your theme.


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