Coastal interior design ideas for surfers

Decorating for children, especially 'tweens and teenagers. They need to be included and involved in choosing colour schemes and themes, otherwise all you'll hear are grumblings and groans! In our quest to find coastal interior design ideas a surfer themed bedroom offers a modern twist on a classical theme. Suitable for girls or boys a surfer theme can be as complex or simple as your child wishes.

If they're good at painting give them a free hand to do some creative wall art, it's a great way to give them control over the design of their room. If they're not noted for their artistic flair they may have friends who could come and help or you could use wall stickers. Duvet cover sets with a vertical stripe compliments the length of surf boards or body boards used as wall art and brings a fresh look to the room. Surf or body boards can be stuck to the wall with 'no nails' or a similar product, if the boards are used rather than just aesthetic then simple racking or curtain pole brackets could be fixed to the wall to support them.

Large rugs in a coordinating colour will be a cost effective way of helping to bring the theme together and ground the colour scheme. Let your teen be in control from the start to finish of the project and as much as you may wish to interfere (in the kindest of ways) it's best to let them do their own thing and then you can't be held responsible for any aspect which aren't quite right! Getting your teen involved will also give parents the opportunity to show some 'life skills' such as painting techniques and working to a budget, both essential skills young people need to help them cope in the big wide world.

As much as many teens believe their parents have a bottomless store of money, young people need to know that they can't always have what they want and making compromises is an important part of growing-up. It's also been found that the more involvement a young person has in the decoration of their room the more likely they are to respect their space – a great way to overcome the 'battle of the tidiness'! One of the greatest advantages of this style of theme is the soft furnishings are in classical colours making it much easier to find bedding, curtains and rugs to coordinate.

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