Coastal interior design ideas for master bedrooms

This week we thought we'd share some coastal interior design ideas with you, and this doesn't mean every room and all the ideas are orientated around white and blue stripes and sea shells! There's far more to coastal interiors than blue and white, so join us as we share suggestions on how you can create your own coastal décor theme even if you don't live on or near the coast.

We begin with master bedrooms and use the beautiful colour combinations of white and coral. These two colours bring a light and airy feel and look to master bedrooms. Furthermore, it's easy to achieve the look with the most simple of decorating techniques – namely white and coral pink paint! Plain walls will give you the opportunity to add interest to the room to suit your own individual interior design style to suit your home, whether it be old or new.

To give an extra touch of refined elegance choose luxury bedding in white, or embroidered duvet cover sets to help stop plain white looking to clinical, add a touch of colour by using bed-cushions with a delicate touch of coral pink and perhaps the palest of aqua blues to break any monotony. A coral pink (the same shade as the walls if you can find an exact match would be ideal) bedding blanket neatly folded across the bottom of the bed or on an Ottoman adds another texture and will help to bring the room together in a subtle and harmonious way.

Make the most of your window dressing by keeping these light and white. Venetian wooden blinds in white are the ideal companion for wooden flooring, add curtains in a lightweight voile to soften the edges of the window and provide you with a gentle, breezy look. If you have a large expanse of plain flooring, albeit carpet, tiles or wood, large rugs placed either side of the bed will give you the little creature comforts that some of us just can't do without – especially we're not used to having clement weather all year round!

Lighting should also be subdued, soft tone light bulbs are ideal for creating a warming atmosphere during the less than sultry evenings. Bedside table lamps are a 'must' for convenience's sake, while further personal accessories including wall art, mementos etc. will help you stamp your own individual identity in the room.

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