Coastal interior design ideas for living rooms

Today we turn our attention to living rooms and as promised we're not going to discuss blue and white stripes or sea shells! Coastal interiors can open a whole world of exploration when it comes down to colour schemes, and apart from the obvious blue and white, we can also use the natural colours of wet and dry sand to get interior design ideas from. The beautiful soft colour of dry sand can be contrasted with slightly deeper tones, add accents of oceanic blue and greens and your living room will look stylish and trendy.

Pale wooden flooring will give you a coastal feel and look, use large rugs with a sand and blue stripe to place in seating areas to add warmth, comfort and style to the room. By all means used patterned fabrics but we suggest you steer clear of sea shells, sea horses etc. otherwise you could easily end up with a kitsch rather than stylish room!

Bring elements of the sea, after all it's pointless going for a coastal theme if you're not going to incorporate it within the room! Use accessories which can be linked to the coast by shape rather than actual form, this will give continuity in a subtle and stylish way. Wooden blinds, whether they are Venetian styles, wood-weave or bamboo roller blinds will help to keep your living room full of light and if you live near the sea uninterrupted views to your garden and beyond.

If your have French styled doors in your living room make sure you choose a window dressing which enables you easy access – Wood-weave Roman styled blinds are the perfect window dressing to bridge the gap between curtains and blinds. This style of subtle coastal suits all styles of homes but works particularly well in modern homes as you don't have to use contemporary or traditional furniture or furnishings to get the look.

Remember to keep any wood aspects, blinds, flooring etc. to lighter tones such as light oak, beech or ash – any wood which has a sun-bleached look of driftwood would be ideal. The use of tactile fabrics and accessories will also help to add interest and depth to your living room.

Think along the lines of natural materials found at the coast or on the beach to give you inspiration. For example coarse grainy sand textures can be used to compliment pebbles which have been smoothed by the sea as they roll up and down the beach as the tide ebbs and flows.

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