Coastal interior design ideas for guest rooms

Our last post in this mini-series takes us to guest rooms, which could also be for main bedrooms if you like the style! With a coastal theme which chic and stylish, the interior design ideas in the guest room can of course be used throughout your home. White and blue as we've established is the main-stay colour combinations for coastal themes.

Pops of turquoise lift a room from okay (ish) to give it some much needed oomph without being too dominant. Plain white duvet cover sets always give a bedroom an air of cleanliness, which goes a long way in a guest room, even for the most finicky of guests and visitors will have nothing to grumble about if you use luxury bedding in white. As guest rooms can be small, white walls and ceiling will make it look and feel larger. Cheap curtains should be full length to further deceive the eye that the room is larger than in reality. With a casual and laid-back feel the curtains can also be intentionally too long so that the fall gently onto the floor to form pools of fabric.

Accessories are what is going to give a plain white room its character, and as we're going coastal drift wood sculptors, rowing oars and black and white photographs of the beach or old sailing vessels will be right at home to help create the look. This week we've seen how it's possible to use a coastal theme in different rooms without necessarily opting for the classical blue and white stripes. Coastal is so much more exciting once you start to look a little deeper, and can be used in all styles of homes.

If you want the more classical displays of sea shells that's fine, there are lots of wonder interior design ideas for you to cogitate and deliberate over. In children's rooms (grandchildren for example) simple additions such as childrens curtains with a sail boat repeat pattern and bedding with a coastal or nautical theme are quick and easy ways to get the coastal, beach look to suit the age of your child and the style of your home.

Ask yourself what 'coastal' means to you because it represents different things to different people- by adding your own 'take' on a coastal theme, your home will look and feel much more personalised – basically a place you can call home.

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