Coastal interior design ideas for bathrooms

Pretty and relaxing a coastal bathroom is one room where you can let the more traditional coastal design come into play. Rather than opt for pale blues and creams take your colour scheme up a gear by using turquoise and duck-egg blue, the contrast in colours makes a refreshing change. With a leaning towards Shabby Chic bathrooms can easily be adapted to suit the style of your home and interior design style. It's on-trend to use free standing baths and include comfortable chairs in bathrooms.

If this type of style isn't practical or achievable then other coastal interior design ideas can be gleaned from the Internet or house and home style magazines. Wood, the colour of pale driftwood or duck-egg blues offer a look which is soft to the eye, creating a soothing ambience – if you use blue which is deep in tone you may find that it makes your bathroom a little cold.

Pale wooden blinds or fabric Roman blinds are ideal for window dressings, the former giving you plenty of privacy while the latter gives a feminine touch. Stripped authentic wooden floorboards are the ideal choice for a Shabby Chic look, use cheap rugs to step onto as you get out of the bath after a long hot soak or a refreshing morning shower – just add anti-slip matting to the back of the rugs for safety's sake.

Accessories can also lean towards coastal but rather than shell collections, coral (just as longer as it's not on the endangered list) offers a more delicate touch which compliments the style beautifully. If you want to use sea shells look for unusual colours and shapes. Make pictures from them and paint the frames turquoise to coordinate with the bath to bring a sense of balance and cohesion to the room.

For those homes with children then you're bound to have a host of sea-side or treasures found during beach combing expeditions which can be displayed in pretty glass containers or baskets. A variety of different coloured sands can also be used to make unusual displays, you can even find or make sand pictures which will bring another texture into the room. If you want to go all out and have a child friendly theme of Nemo and underwater scenes there's nothing wrong with that, just as long as you re-decorate once your children have grown out of the phase! - so many times a bathroom is neglected and becomes the worse room in a home – don't let that happen in your home when you have so many wonderful options to use.

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