Clever colour combinations part 3: monochromatic

Monochromatic designs are predominately regarded as black and white interiors, however, the use of only two colours can also be called monochromatic. Black and white colour schemes continue to be extremely popular and can be created in a number of different style influences making it a very versatile colour combination.

Iconic black and white was seen in the sixties as the 'must have' trend which followed the fashion styles of Channel and Dior. These retro styles are ideal for modern and contemporary interiors creating sleek clean lines which reflect modern lifestyles. Monochromatic interiors have stood the test of time as a popular design styles which can be achieved easily and cost effectively.


Alternatively monochromatic can be influenced by nature with faux zebra hides for example. Animal prints are currently in-vogue being seen as a fundamental part of soft furnishings such as cushions, chair covers and rugs in contemporary designs.


The use of black and white monochromatic designs can be replicated on a budget as retailers have wide ranges of fabrics and materials in these two colours for use in every room within a home, from bathrooms to bedrooms.


Black and white Venetian blinds are the ideal window dressing for these interiors, being particularly useful in bathrooms as they are coated to withstand humid atmospheres. White bathroom suites have replaced coloured the once fashionable avocado green, pale blues and dusty pinks much to the relief of many people! Those which have colours now use the side of the bath as the colour point with the inside white. Having black and white chequered tiling on walls and floors completes the look wonderfully and inexpensively.


In bedrooms you can have a style you like, designers continue to create beautiful bedrooms using cheap bedding in black and white to suit all styles and budgets. If you want a more feminine touch large black flowers against white and vice versa create a crisp modern look. Look for luxury bedding which uses combinations of different fabrics to add texture and different looks as the light falls on them.


Designer bedding are nearly always available with matching ready made curtains, boudoir style cushions and bed runners or quilted throws to enable you to have the complete design look without having to really think too much about it!

Whichever style you opt for you can be sure that black and white monochromatic interiors will remain in fashion for many more years within the world of interior design!


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