Clever colour combinations part 2: petrol and brown

Petrol and brown and classical colour combinations which are ideal for modern homes. As these colours blend effortlessly with natural materials such as dark wood they remain a firm favourite for any room within your home.

To keep these colours in-trend designers have incorporated copper coloured silk threads and faux silks to retain a fresh look. Metallic colours are a large part of modern interior designs which is used by rich embellishments as well as subtle injections of reflective surfaces to catch the sun and give a beautiful sheen to fabrics.


Faux silks and metallic colours are set to remain in-vogue within the world of interior design in 2010 making these a cost effective update to any style of home. Antique brass effects or modern copper are the ideal solution if you don't have much spare cash as you can simply change your curtains and curtain tracks for up to the minute designs and colours.


Full length ready made curtains with fashionable eyelet headings are also continuing themes for next year. These trendy curtain styles are an inexpensive way to add the latest fashion trends into your home and suit all styles of windows, including bay windows as metal curtain poles to fit bay windows are readily available in a variety of different designs and finishes.


Although petrol and brown are quite dark colours, they provide a sense of warmth which is pertinent to the typical cold winters, having colours which are comforting and warm can actually make you feel relaxed and warmer without having to keep turning the central heating up!


The juxtaposition of these colours are the ideal for those who prefer a 'no nonsense' modern look to their home. This is very much in keeping with modern lifestyles as living places are seen not only as home but as places with a sense of purpose. Each room having its own use without encroaching on a neighbouring room. This makes petrol and brown ideal for dining areas as well as bedrooms which are masculine in appearance and functionality. Use plain duvet sets in either petrol or brown or in-trend stripes and bands of these two colours to create a sense of harmony.


If you want to achieve a coordinated and balanced look to your rooms only use two main colours, introducing a third colour can ruin the look unless it is done very subtly! Keeping things in balance shows that you have the eye for detail which is needed to create interior design styles which stand out from the crowd!


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