Clever colour combination – part 6: neutral tones using mocha, white and ivory

Neutral colour combinations are a timeless classic which are seen with slight variations each year to keep them up to date. These colours are ideal for all styles of homes and interior design styles.

Contemporary interiors use white as the main colour and include subtle touches of neutral tones to add colour in a chic and elegant way. Basing colours on natural wood colours offers a crisp and calming atmosphere which suits modern lifestyles perfectly. Nothing loud or too glaring provides havens of peace and relaxation, where people can feel comfortable within their living space and de-stress easily, encouraged by these subtle tones.


Sleep therapists recommend that bedrooms are kept unpretentious and relaxing by using colours which do not excite the senses! Whilst many people may not like this concept at all, for others it is an effective way of inducing much needed sleep.

Modern homes can be very small, maximising space by using neutral tones is a great way to give the illusion of more space. Bedrooms can be visually enlarged and made into light and airy places simply by using the bare minimum of furniture and keeping things stylishly simple. Windows can be dressed with natural wooden blinds which coordinate with flooring and headboards to bring balance and harmony to the room. Cheap bedding in mocha, white and ivory tones are all that is needed to complete the look.


Traditional styles of interiors have been using these tones for many years, they have merely been given slightly different hues and new names! Out with magnolia and in with ivory! Your room doesn't have to be light brown it can be chic mocha or creamy fudge!


Traditional interiors can use the same style in the bedroom, replacing wooden blinds for vertical blinds which coordinate with full length ready made curtains and the same styles of duvet sets can be used. Fitted carpets are used more frequently in traditional interiors, to keep within the colour scheme bedside plain rugs in similar tones can be used to break the pattern of a large expanse of carpet.


That is the great advantage of these colour combinations, irrespective of how you use them they always offer a chic and refined style to suit the style of home you live in. you don't have to spend a fortune either as there are so many styles and designs of bedding which use these beautiful neutral tones.

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