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Cleaning your blinds

When it comes to spring cleaning very often if you’re like me you’ll get round to the nitty gritty dusting, mopping and sit down thinking your mission is complete only to find that you’ve completely forget to clean your blinds. Overtime they will gather dust and dirt and this can begin to make your lovely cream or coloured blinds look like a mucky mess, if you’ve come across this problem yourself then not to worry as here are a collection of tips and advices to help you spruce up your blinds of any style to look as good as new.

Roller Blinds

When wanting to clean your roller blinds start off by simply unrolling the length of the blind itself fully, then with a soft slightly damp cloth begin to wipe down all areas of the blind to remove any excess dust and dirt. Once you’re done simply leave the blind unrolled to ensure that it dries fully before rolling it back up as before.

Roman Blinds

Cleaning up your roman blinds couldn’t be easier, to remove excess dust simply vacuum across the surface of your blind to easily clear this away. If your blinds have any marks or stains then the majority of roman blinds can actually be machine washed with ease, however it would be best to check the product label details before you do this to ensure you prep your blinds correctly to the right temperatures and settings to prevent any potential damage.

Venetian Blinds

Though they can be fiddly keeping on top of cleaning your venetian blinds couldn’t be easier, to remove any settled dust you can use a vacuum hover or soft cotton dust cloth to glide between each individual panel of the blind to ensure it’s clean. If the panel’s still have some left over dirty marks that won’t seem to go, take a damp soft cloth with some washing up liquid and gently wipe over the area’s being careful not to catch your hand at all.

Vertical Blinds

Moving onto vertical blinds, located at the top and bottom of the blinds are very often clips that allow you to take each individual blind panel down. Again you can remove any dust particles with a hover easily but if certain individual panels have either dirt patches or stains on them simply remove them and use a soft damp clean cloth with some diluted cleaning liquid in warm water and gently wipe downwards to remove the stain. Once done simply clip them back into their original position and allow them to dry completely. I hope you find this article helpful simply follow the tips and advice according to the type of blind you have in your home and you should have no problem at all come when it’s time for a spring clean to get them back to how they used to look.

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