There are many different causes for neck pain and discomfort from having suffered a recent injury, a health condition, stress and more. For those of you who are in fact suffering with neck pain, aching and stiffness especially during and after a night's sleep it can really affect how you feel in yourself and function the following day. This pain that you may be experiencing could also be linked to the pillow you sleep on and the amounts of bodily support it’s giving you throughout the night. However this could easily be relieved simply by being wise about your pillow investment and choosing the right one for you. So if you want to overcome your chronic neck pain here are some helpful tips and neck pillow types to guide you to finding one that’s beneficial for you. There are two main points you should consider when choosing to invest in a bed pillow:
  • The budget you have to spend
  • What your sleeping position is
The flexibility in your budget will influence the different types and quality of pillow you’re able to invest in to help sooth your neck pain problems. Once you have considered this first point you should then think about the positions you sleep in as a majority of neck pillows are tailored to surround the neck meaning they benefit certain sleeping positions over others. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side considering these factors will help you in your pillow search.  

What pillow types help ease neck pain?

Memory foam: Memory foam pillows are specially made foam pillow that moulds and shapes to the neck and head much like a memory foam mattress does for the rest of the body. Due to their unique features they’re able to adjust in shape to give ease and comfort to pressure points in your body offering a much more supported and restful sleep. Though bear in mind there are a variety of memory foam pillows on the market of different material bases meaning each may differ in price and quality. Orthopaedic neck pillow: Though there are a variety of orthopaedic pillows to choose from today there is one that is specially tailored to suit suffers of neck pain and discomfort. Its overall design is different to that of a standard pillow in that its centre is shaped specifically to hold the head of the sleeper securely, whilst also having an even amount of foam cushioning to support underneath neck area. Contour pillow: Last is the contour foam pillow which is a uniquely shaped therapeutic pillow that aids in keeping the neck and spin aligned. This offers the body enough security and support to avoid tensed muscles, pain and stiffness in the neck area during sleep. Contour pillows as mentioned have a unique shape which resembles that of a wave, it has a lower section that supports the facial area and a higher section that supports the neck.