For those of us who suffer from chronic back pain and aches, it’s understandable to want to achieve a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. Many of us would like to wake the next day without having felt your bodily aches and pains have been contributed to by the lack of support from your mattress. Therefore it’s of great importance for your own health and body that you invest in a mattress that will give you the optimal support and comfort need. Sufferers of bodily aches and pains benefit from a mattress that effectively supports all the necessary pressures points in the body’s structure such as the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, knees and leg joints. Whether your back problems are located in the upper or lower area of your back, to help solve your bedtime back aches and pain, here are some helpful tips to choosing the right mattress for you.  
  • Find a mattress of your personal preference:  Each sleeper is going to have a different preference in mattress type and what will work for one might not for another. Therefore it’s important to try out a variety of mattress types before you make the final investment in buying one. So go to your nearest mattress showroom or bed’s store and test out the mattress products they have to offer. By doing this you should then have a better idea as to what mattress brand, style and type are ideal for you.
  • Types of mattress firmness: Test out different mattress firmnesses to find out which gives you the best comfort as well as support in your usual sleeping position. Whether you’re a side, stomach or back sleeper different firmnesses in mattress affect each sleeper differently as each firmness has its own unique properties and benefits. However when it comes down to chronic back pain either during or after a night’s sleep a soft firm mattress maybe a good choice, but again it’s also down to personal preference whether it’s ideal for you.
  • Look into Specialist orthopedic mattresses:There are specially tailored mattress products available on the market made to help sleepers with back pain problems and needs. These are mattresses such as the memory foam mattress that tailors to the unique shape and curve of your body, giving you optimal support on all pressure points preventing potential soreness the following day.  
  • Mattress life and quality guarantee: At the end of the day your mattress is a crucial long term investment that is going have to last you a number of years before you consider investing in a replacement. Therefore you want to have reassurance and confidence in the fact you’re making the right mattress purchase to help ease your chronic back problems as you sleep. To do this enquire or research into the estimated life expectancy and quality guarantee of the mattress you’re looking to choose.