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Christmas interior design ideas: use a sophisticated christmas colour scheme

Tired of the country look that forces you to keep the same style? It's quite all right to wander from the bold green and red colours of Christmas and stir up a little sophistication. Think blue and purple and leave the country quaintness behind, this year. Not only will it give you a rest from your usual style, but could become a new tradition for the holidays.

Begin with Flowing Colours

Making the switch from what you are used to, can be a challenge, especially when faced with a décor of wood floors, country-styled furnishings and rustic beams. Begin with dark silver curtains that immediately shock the space. This colour will call for attention to floors, walls and accessories. Cheap rugs can lay the background for a sophisticated presence. Think soft and pastel, without heavy earthen qualities. Grace your cocktail table with candles in holders of mauve and baby blue for accent. If you are faced with furniture that holds browns and golds, buy throws that are light in colour and feel the transformation.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Replace the multi-coloured flashing lights with 300 to 400 clear ones that add balance to the room. Dress in blue, plum, lavender and silver bulbs, adding just a few of your most prized ornaments. Stay away from heavy garlands and velvet bows that distract from the natural essence of the tree. Simple, structured and elegant, is the main idea behind creating a sophisticated look. Wrap your gifts in plain silver, plum, and turquoise paper and add ribbon of an opposite blended colour.

Filling in the Gaps

Leaving areas that demonstrate a country flair can keep part of that comfortable feeling, but if something looks awkward in colour, tone or balance, change it. For instance, a lamp shade in a pleated, orange-brown tint, has to go. Replace it with a plum or deep royal blue straight shade and you will be amazed at the difference. Take down that picture of crops in the field and replace with a white snowflake or silver Christmas wall hanging, instead. Follow this same practice with pillows, and knick-knacks. The grace that flows from your newly transformed room may give you ideas for keeping the look year-round, or to only use during the holiday season for an uplifting change. Whatever your decision, country sophistication is a great way to build on a mood-changing alternative from a basic earth décor to one of elegance.

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