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Christmas interior design ideas: sugar & spice & everything nice

The holidays would not be complete without luscious pastries, candies and nuts. An aroma of sugar and spice that is enough to send anyone into a wonderland of pleasure, can be even more mind-tingling when made into a work of art. By using colour and balance, you can create a medley of dreams that send your head spinning.

Christmas Past

Make your table display unique by choosing a vintage theme that both young and old, will cherish. Use pastels to accent your goodies that are light, sweet and appealing. Table cloths that are pale pink, blue, green, yellow, or white, will set the mood for your playful, holiday treats. Use boxes, covered in matching coloured paper as display stands, so nothing is missed as eyes sweep over the scene. Simple table runners can also be used, running two, side by side, down the length of the table. Vintage coloured vases, filled with pastel roses, or other small flowers, and a few parsley sprigs and bulbs, illuminate the area for what is to come.

Placing your Table

You can place your display table in the middle of the room, or push it back against a wall. By having only three sides the dimensions of balance and style are easier to work with. You can also incorporate a back wall into the scene with additional seasonal trim. Plates that need replenishing will also be spotted right away, by using this placement method, and your sparkling presentation can go on, unaltered, for hours.

Glass and Silver

Sweets and candies used to be held in glass apothecary jars in general stores where children could easily see the gumdrops, sour balls and peppermint drops. Duplicate this charm and fill glass lidded storage jars with hard candy canes that extends those memories. Use tall silver Christmas novelties to add dimension to scattered trays of cupcakes and cookies, painted in light pink, blue and green. As with any well-balanced decorating scheme, do not pile up the cookies, but lay out in an artistic flow for all to study and enjoy.

Christmas time will become a memory of sugar and spice and everything nice when you find sugar plums, cookies and cupcakes, filling your dreams and your tummy! A perfect arrangement and aesthetic nature to those traditional goodies will make the aroma and taste last long after the season is over.

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