Christmas interior design ideas: holiday décor explodes with country classics

Create a new type of décor this holiday season by taking your country style and turning it brilliant and bold. Watch as a quaint little dining area becomes the highlight of your home when using colourful dressings and accessories. The kitchen will give up its place as the gathering hole, replaced by the warm inviting atmosphere of the once, seldom used dining room. You don't have to have expensive furniture and a huge budget to turn your home into the most delightful places on the block.

Table Cloths with Fanfare

'Tis the season for merriment and using table cloths or table runners that dramatise the holidays is a must for forming a welcome crowd. A bold red or green pattern of bells, snowflakes, or other reminders of the season flashed against a white or neutral background, will set the mood for good talk and cheer. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, make it non-existent with a an area rug that is placed squarely under the table. Cheap rugs can make a world of difference in creating a warm and fun-loving environment. Look for playful rugs that add a bit of flair but not too much to steal from your table cloth.

Vintage Designer Decorations

Country spells comfort and using fine China and crystal is out of place when wanting family and friends to feel relaxed. Vintage clear glasses and green depression glass works well in keeping an attitude for drop-by visitors. Painted ceramics also blend well in a home made for living. A little razzle-dazzle is not forbidden but cheery when used in small doses. A swagged set of shiny beads or sequenced stockings can be charming without being overbearing. Try to stay with one bold colour and work around the room, spreading compatible shades. When you are finished, look for bare spots where candles, a smiling Santa Claus or a small Evergreen tree can add balance to the room.

Use fruits and berries to complete in glass jars or laying loose on small piles. When you know that visitors are coming, set out a plate of Christmas cookies or home-made fudge, along with steaming hot cocoa and watch the chairs fill up. A classic country décor never goes out of style, especially when keeping with one main colour and balancing the overall look of the room. Your neighbours will wonder just what is so special about your home that draws people during the holiday season. Invite them over so they can feel the special mood.

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