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Christmas interior design ideas: angles wings & heavenly things

What can possibly be more refreshing and calming than the sight of angels? Turn the holiday season into a paradox of everything that makes you feel the goodness of heaven on earth. Caring for others will suddenly become first and foremost on your mind, in addition to feeling peace and harmony.

Choose a Style

Angels come in an assortment of colours, styles, pictures, statues and ornaments. Your décor may make up your mind, right away, such as having a traditional room that cries out for vintage angels and ribbons. A more contemporary setting can give you several ideas on angel displays. Select your colours first, then discover how quickly your mind will focus on angels blowing long horns or a pair of cherubs resting on a shelf.

A Peaceful Dinner

The dining room can serve as a haven of beauty and love by decorating with soothing reminders of the holidays. Plain sateen, white curtains, with a cascading swag along one side, can start your adventure in seeing angels appear, discreetly hang a couple along the side of the window. Use pastels with silver or brighter shades with gold to begin shaping your room. Use table runners of white and set up a cloud of activity in the centre of your table. Spread out three tall, silver or gold angels with crystal wings and halos and they will appear to float across your runner. Highlight with roses and ribbon or floating candles.

Evergreen trees and colourful glass globes are another way to make your angels sparkle. Decorate a bare wall with white beads and hang pristine paper angels along the way. If you have a few free standing vintage angels, show them off in a sea of fluffy clouds on top of a mirror. Dot with white doves and tiny gems to replicate the heavens. Ribbons accent any area where angels are found.

For a really dramatic effect, line the backs of your dining chairs with wings that seem to wrap loving arms around you. White feathers stitched to white faux fur will caress your back and make the scene warm and calming. There are angels for all types of decorating. The Christmas tree is another favourite way to have a little piece of heaven in your home. For the best symmetry possible, stick to your colour scheme, balance your assortment of angels and never over do. Each one will be relished with the fine attention that is deserving of the season.

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