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Christmas interior design ideas: a modern approach to entertaining

The season for trees, wreaths, and old fashioned holiday songs is here. If you feel like having a different version of cheer, use a modern approach that will make family and guests swoon. Bring out the formal wear, black ties and a couple prized bottles of wine for this setting that will turn into a once-a-year pleasure. Artistic Black and White: A dining area that features distinguished black and white décor can blanket a gathering in rich elegance. Add one or two sculptured pieces from local artists and you automatically have a dinner show.

By setting in the midst of a refined dinner party, the air of quality, happiness and warmth is sure to abound. Contact a few art centres for ideas that will make your table the talk of the town and bring out the art lovers in your party. Leave it up to the artist or make suggestions of the feel you wish to bring about. A good sculptor can create a centrepiece beyond your wildest dreams. Stress that a brilliant white is wanted for contrast to your décor.

Create the Mood: Dramatic dark walls can be accented with designer white curtains. Keeping square, crisp lines to outline the window can be accomplished with fabric covered box valances and dark piped trim. A bright white may be too startling for the atmosphere, so select toned down hues of cream, eggshell or vanilla. Table cloths or table runners in black or dark grey will set the mood for the highlighted attention of your centrepiece sculpture.

Dot the individual serving areas with a simple, soft piece of greenery or napkin of one defined colour. Finally, use a square, white cage, fitted with just a few clear LED lights, to hang over the centre of the table. Use crisp white linen napkins and add a bouquet of white Winter roses in a corner. You will find that Christmas ornaments and lots of dazzle are not necessary to capture the atmosphere of the season.

Your table can now accept your work of art as an elegant, stunning memory of the evening. Your atmosphere will be unbeatable with fine wine, soft music, gourmet food and an aesthetic crafted sculpture from an up and rising local artist. Don't be surprised to find others trying to duplicate your well-bred evening. Simplicity, opposite colours and a balanced portrayal is the key to bringing everything together. Start your own Christmas season with a modern approach to old rituals. A new tradition is bound to unfold and ignite.

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