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Christmas interior design ideas: a happy-go-lucky recycled christmas

Years from now, you will tell your grand children of an earlier time when glass and plastic were buried beneath the ground, and you will watch as their eyes fill with disbelief. Little by little, society is learning how to reuse and recycle. Christmas gives you the perfect opportunity to see the importance in life. Vow to have a bright, merry Christmas with at least one recycled item that makes you realize just how beautiful and fruitful those discarded pieces can be.

What is Recycled?

You have probably been taught that recycling has to do with a manufacturing process that uses environmentally-harmful scrap to form a new product. This is true, but any item that is considered trash to one person, can be a recycled treasure to another. You may be old enough to remember when tractor tyres were painted white and filled with sand for use as a sandbox. While this falls under the category of reuse, more than recycle, you get the idea. For example, look for an old piece of furniture and think how a little paint can make it a perfect addition for your holiday room.

Make Holiday Spirit with Crafts

All types of crafts can come from paper, plastic, glass and yarn. Even old coffee cans can be cut into shapes and hung as ornaments. Instead of spending money on a tree that will be used and thrown away, get creative with a ball of red or green yarn and outline a Christmas tree on a bare wall. Tape a few bulbs around your creation and add snowflake decals inside the tree. Use as a focal point of your living area and cover the floor with thick, white furry cheap rugs. Hang white curtains and your Christmas tree outline will be striking in its bold colour.

Small glass jars are perfect for colourful candles to line along coffee tables and end tables. Glue a festive ribbon or sprinkle glitter around the top and watch the flame create a humbling affect. Buy candles that leave a fresh Evergreen scent or the smell of apple and cinnamon to rejuvenate the room while wrapping presents. Use brown paper bags as wrapping paper and create holiday bows with yarn and tinsel. Recycling and reusing for the holidays can be a family night filled with creativity and fun. Make some popcorn, play some Christmas tunes and enjoy the season, without spending lots of money on decorations.

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