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Christmas indulgences 2: rich, smooth chocolate

It wouldn't be Christmas without rich, smooth chocolate being either given or received as a gift. With our passion for chocolate what better way to indulgence yourself this Christmas than having your home decorated in these opulent and gorgeous colours. If you already have a brown, cream or tan interior you can easily add a little bit of oomph to your rooms by using large rugs in rich, chocolatey colours. If there are no children in the household or you want to chance your arm that nothing will be spilled or dropped you can opt for cream rugs reminiscent of smooth, white chocolate.

A safer option may be to go for cheap rugs in darker tones such as milk chocolate or even up the anti and go for a rich, dark chocolate colour. You can also take this indulgence into the bedroom and lavish yourself in dreamy chocolate coloured duvet cover sets and bed throws. We all associate being warm with mugs of steaming hot chocolate and you can transfer this notion into your bedroom. Go sexy over the festive season and use silk or satin bedding with piles of boudoir styled cushions and bed runners with silk, satin or lace trim to give your bedroom the wow factor it may be lacking! Chocolate is also an ideal colour scheme to choose for dining rooms, especially if you like the warm natural tones of wood.

Compliment your wood dining room table and chairs with wooden blinds and flooring. The natural warm tones work well with creamy coloured walls. You can also add a dining room rug to help keep toes warm while you plough your way through Christmas dinner and supper. If you're not sure whether chocolatey colours may look a little drab and boring pep the colour scheme up with a bright accent colour.

Teal, red or green all coordinate beautifully with dark, mid and creams. Teal curtains, cushions and throws for sofas and chairs will create an on-trend look which is easy on the eye and welcoming. For contemporary interiors pops of bright red or apple green as an accent can lift a room to new dimensions and prevent it from being too flat. Don't forget to include a range of tactile and visual variations your soft furnishings, this can easily be accomplished by using different fabrics and materials, such as silk, satin, cotton, velvet and organza.

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