The colours you chose for your interior design scheme is considered to be triggered by emotions which give either positive or negative feelings. As such the colours you choose has more do with emotional responses than you may imagine. The relationship between colour and emotion is a subconscious one, which for the most part we can do little to control. Whilst colours are determined by emotions they are used world wide to represent different aspects of lifestyles, religions as well as being symbolic for different events, time of year and festivities. Colours are also classified into two main hues, hot and cold which again trigger emotional responses over which we have little control. Most colours also have double meanings which makes the whole colour scheme scenario basically down to personal preferences, for example red is considered to be the colour of romance and passion on one hand whilst on the other it is associated with rage, fury, blood and killing. Interior designers are very aware of the use of colour has and although fashions and trends change within the world of interior design the colour principles fundamentally remain stable. One of the latest trends is 'colour clashing', this where colours which are usually considered not to coordinate or blend are deliberately brought together to create stunning interiors which are used effectively in contemporary design styles. Using purple and orange together within the same room is a good example of colour clashing and whilst many people may have used these colours combinations in the past they were stereotypically considered to be those who had 'no colour sense'! Choosing the colours to use to decorate and furnish your home is usually carried out completely subconsciously, something takes your eye and gives you the wow factor without you realising why, unless you sit down and evaluate your reasoning, which let's be honest few people in the UK rarely do. We leave it down to interior designers to use their expertise and knowledge of colours combinations to create stunning soft furnishings, furniture and linens. An excellent example of this can be seen by the designer Julian Charles who has created a range of bedding which is not only modern in style but has been designed in a range of colours which are conducive to restful sleep, such as pale pinks, creams and blues, along with passionate colours which include amethyst and passionate red duvet covers which create striking bedding to suit people's colour preferences effortlessly. To ensure the whole 'picture' of his design is seen at its best, it would be a wise decision to have the coordinating ready made curtains, boudoir cushions and bed throws along with walls which are painted ivory or cream. Whilst all of this colour reasoning may seem somewhat complicated, by far the easiest solution to achieving a stunning interior for your home is to simply select the colours you adore and leave all the psychotherapy to the experts! Be guided by the interior designers such as Julian Charles and replicate their styles within your home simply and effortlessly.