Cherished gold – were the predictions true?

Katarina Johnson-Thompson was the face of Dulux Cherished Gold in 2016, with hopes that she would achieve her ambition and get gold at the Rio Olympics. Sadly Katrina came 6th, although she did break the national high jump record. So, we ask if Cherished Gold hit the highs anticipated within the world of interior design or whether it was a runner-up in this year's colour trends.

Cherished Gold is a subdued tone of gold, it's not the brash, brassy hue typically associated with gold jewellery or the golds used in Hollywood interior design styles. It is more akin to ochre or even mimosa yellow. It is soft, mellow and some may say bland. However, team it with grey or even dark blues and the colour combinations give Cherished Gold an elegant and sophisticated look that's perfect for just about any room in your home.

Accessorising with Cherished Gold:

Accessories and soft furnishings are an effective and easy way to bring this year's Dulux colour trend into your home.

Gold and yellow sofa, throw and cushion A yellow bed runner folded up A plush yellow rug on a wooden floor

Bedroom Chic

This is the room that Cherished Gold shines, so to speak. The soft colour is calming and relaxing making it ideal for bedrooms, either as a wall colour or via soft furnishings.

A dove grey bedroom with hints of yellow gold, beige and cream luxury double bedding on a bed Yellow made to measure curtains at a window

Bathroom Bliss

Not many of us would consider gold as a bathroom colour scheme, however, it make the perfect partner for white furnishings and sits comfortably next to natural woods. Give your bathroom a glam look by using curtains as the window dressing. If this won't work in your bathroom due to the bath being under the window or you only have a small bathroom window, go for Roman blinds instead.

A beige and cream bathroom with hints of yellow and gold Yellow pencil pleat curtains at a window A yellow roman blind at a window

It would be fair to say that in the bedroom the colour has been a big hit, while living rooms, dining rooms, and even bathrooms, have seen their fair share of its use in homes with a modern decorating motif. As for other decorating styles, Cherished Gold seems to have been somewhat neglected. Going for gold maybe a dream that we all aspire too, and there's plenty of ways to use this muted tone to bring a new look to your home.

If this year's Cherished Gold hasn't quite lived up to expectations there's always next year's Dulux colour of the year 'Denim Drift' to look forward to. This colour is forecast to be one that many of use will use in our homes – after all who doesn't have a favourite pair of comfortable denim jeans that they adore?


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