Cheap, but chic home office makeover ideas

For our final post in this mini-series we're going to take a look at home offices. As more and more people are working from home it seems appropriate to give you some suggestions on how to create a chic, but cheap home office. The first thing to say is the difference between an office which has its own dedicated room or an office which shares with another room, albeit your living, dining or bedroom or under the stairs!

If your office has its own room then you can use any of this week's suggestions to bring a fresh new look without having to spend a small fortune. However, if your home office is a shared space you'll need to make sure that it interacts with the room rather than encompassing and taking it over.

  1. Be critical: Work out exactly what you need within your office space – remember it may be nice to have a posh walnut desk but in reality would it match the rest of the room?
  2. Furniture: A small desk fitted snugly into an alcove may be all the office space you need. Ideal you should choose an alcove or area near to a window so that you have plenty of natural light to work by.
  3. Window dressing: Use window blinds which compliment the style and colour of the rest of the room. Roman blinds will give a soft look to windows and flood the area with natural light during the day. If bright sunlight is an issue blinds which can be adjusted, such as Venetian or vertical blinds may be a better option.
  4. Flooring: It may be psychological but many people work better when the 'feel' that they have entered a work place. The simple difference of feeling underfoot may be all they or you need to put your mind into work mode – so, use a rug in the office area of the room.
  5. Storage: Give yourself some stylish storage which suits the rest of the room. Open shelving to hold books is always a good idea while paper-work in a pending basket will keep your desk clutter free as well as the room.
  6. Lighting Use desk styled table lamps to illuminate your desk and working area. An angle arm table lamp will be ideal and give your office area a professional look.
  7. Focal point: Home offices don't or shouldn't be the focal point when they share space with another room. Draw the eye away from the area by making a show stopping focal point in another area of the room.
  8. Seasonal accessories: These can work in a home office, more especially if your work revolves around creative arts. If not a change in pot plants or flowers may be all you need.
  9. Add texture: Add richness to your space by including various textures – if everything is bland and plain you won't feel inspired to work!
  10. Not using nature! Try and go paper-free when and wherever you can – not only will you be doing your bit to save the planet you'll also have less paper-work cluttering the space and having to find a home for!

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