Cheap, but chic guest room makeover ideas

Guest rooms notoriously become a dumping ground for all manner of bits and pieces that never seem to have a home of their own to go to! However, if you've got guests coming to stay there's a number of cheap, but chic ways you can transform the room back to its intended purpose, and who knows once you're guests have left you'll be so impressed that you won't be tempted to resort to your old ways! Take a look at these interior design ideas and give your guest room a makeover.

1. Be critical

You need to cast a critical eye over a guest room, because if you don't you can bet your bottom dollar your guests will!

2. Renew bedding

New duvet cover sets and bedding will make a vast different and is a cheap, but chic way to give a fresh new look to the room. They're also a great way to add a new colour.

3. Window dressings

Cheap curtains will provide chic styling at your windows; it's also a good idea to include blackout roller blinds so that your guests aren't disturbed by unwanted light.

4. Look down!

Carpets are the bug bear of many guest rooms – look down and see what state yours is in – if it's threadbare or stained cheap rugs are a quick and easy camouflage solution.

5. Use patterns

Perk up out-dated colour schemes by including a pattern or one wall, on duvet sets or curtains – if you opt for all three make sure they co-ordinate otherwise you run the risk of them looking like a hotchpotch which has quickly been scrambled together.

6. Lighting

Bedside table lamps are a must for guest rooms; not only will they provide light for reading they're also a good way of giving a new look to the room.

7. Create a focal point

As the bed is usually the focal point in bedrooms your new bedding should effectively draw the eye towards it as your guests enter the room.

8. Seasonal accessories

You could use seasonal coloured duvet sets or add bed throws for autumn/winter guests.

9. Include texture

Use various textures on the bed and within the room to stop it looking bland, neglected and boring! If you choose shiny and reflective surfaces make sure you keep them dust free.

10. Use nature's helping hand!

Seasonal flower display are always a welcome sight and show your guests that you still have your finger on the interior design pulse!

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