Cheap, but chic bedroom makeover ideas

Room makeovers don't have to turn into expensive investments, especially if you follow a few simple steps to ensure that you get the best value for money – cheap doesn't mean low grade or inferior quality – today we take a look at 10 cheap, but chic bedroom ideas.

1. Be critical

Cast your eyes critically over your bedroom and be realistic; you may want a flashy bed with built-in plasma television, but you can do without it!

2. Update bedding

This is probably the quickest and most economical way to bring a fresh new look to your bedroom. Look for duvet cover sets to compliment your existing décor and colour scheme.

3. Re-dress your windows

Simply by adding new window blinds or cheap curtains you can turn dark and gloomy into light and airy.

4. What's under-foot?

Your fully fitted carpets may look a little worse for wear – if you don't fancy the idea of using laminated flooring or stripping floor-boards cheap area rugs can hide a multitude of 'sins' and won't cost the earth. Leave completely new flooring for another day!

5. Use pattern and colour

Use a contrasting pattern or colour on one wall – the wall behind your bed-head can be used as a feature to tie-in with your new bedding.

6. Lighting

Add soft gentle lighting by using bedside table lamps or wall-mounted up-lighters rather than using harsh central overhead lighting.

7. Focal point

Every room should have a focal point and in the bedroom it's usually the bed itself which takes centre stage. However, if you have an architectural feature such as a bay window use this to draw the eye towards it and the focus will be diverted from you 'not so perfect bed'!

8. Seasonal accessories

Using seasonal accessories is a great way to keep a bedroom looking fresh. Change the colour of your duvet sets and bed cushions to match the seasons.

9. Add texture

Use a combination of different textures, for example matte wall paint, high gloss doors and window frames, smooth bedding or long piled shag rugs.

10. Use nature

It may sound an old cliché but using nature, even in your bedroom is a cheap, if not free, way to change the look of a bedroom. We're not saying that you should go out to demolish a tree or desecrate wild flowers; what we do suggest is using sticks, twisted hazel is ideal, tall grasses or a large clear vase filled with pine cones can look stunning, and you could also use this type of accessorising to compliment your seasonal themes. As you can see there's many different ways to carry out a bedroom makeover and you don't always need to completely re-decorate to achieve a fresh new look.

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