Remember the old school black chalk board as kids where we’d spend our classroom days watching the alphabet, time’s tables or artistic doodles run across it. Today I have to say I hadn’t seen a black board in ages and the other day I just so happened to come across a chalk board blog post by Brittany over at In her DIY blog post Brittany showed us how to create our own chalk board monthly calendar to help stay organised with daily to dos, appointments, children’s activities and those important dates for 2014.  After I’d finished reading Brittany’s post I felt very inspired and intrigued at how she’d brought what was a classroom classic into her home. So here are a collection of black board inspired interiors tips and idea’s that I’ve put together to show you how to bring this old school classic into your own homes. First chalk board idea I came across was creating this huge chalk board wall.  Perfect for keeping the kids occupied during the day or for you to add to dos here and there, this chalk board idea is something you could add to any room of choice. Not only as I mentioned is it great for keeping the little ones busy but also keeps them from being to tempted to draw over your lovely wallpapers or freshly painted walls giving them one dedicated space that’s easy to clean to let their imaginations run wild. Ever been sat in the office at your desk with literally no room to think for all the notes and paperwork cluttering up your workspace, that’s really cramping your creative thought? I have to say I adore this quirky idea of applying a huge chalk board piece to the wall adjacent to your desk at arm’s length. It’s great for enabling you to jot down to do lists, idea’s you have for a new project, phone numbers, email addresses and more. This is perfect for any creative or office busy body as you can wipe away each written task as you go and can clear out those endless notes and piles of paper you had consuming your space before. Last but not least is a chalk board idea with its own unique regal finesse and artistic traits.  If you’re a dab hand with a paint brush, chalk paint and have a flare for darker palettes with complimenting lighter tones then maybe you could give this a try to really add detail and character to your bedroom with that added chalk board effect.  Now that we’re all done which would you say has to be your favourite?

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