Cast Iron is an alloy produced by pouring molten iron in to moulds. Because of the production process this metal is an extremely brittle, hard and strong material with exceptional ability to hold and transfer heat and is available in the most intricate and beautiful styles. These hard wearing properties have meant that cast iron has become a frequently used material within the home for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Its infamous and popular colouring and texture give cast iron a dual purpose role within your home.


Cast Iron for the Kitchen


Because of its ability to transfer and hold heat cast iron regularly appears in the kitchen used for kettles, pots and pans. From grill pans to tea pot stands to table heaters to Panini pressers there is huge array of kitchenware to choose from in this beautiful and hard wearing material. Cast iron’s rustic and earthy textures make these items gorgeous additions to any home and add a real character to your kitchen. Dependant on whether you prefer more contemporary or traditional interiors shop around to find more ornate or minimalist designs.


Cast Iron Outside


Because cast iron is so strong and durable it is also often used for outdoor furniture, decoration and accessories. Most frequently you will see cast iron used for garden gates, railings, bolts, latches, locks and hinges often in the most beautiful and feminine of designs. Again these hugely practical objects help to give a normal tool shed some real character and depth and work particularly well with other less man made materials such as slate and wood.


Similarly cast iron is also used for smaller objects around the exterior of your home to add some design detail and effect. For example, it is possible to buy door knockers, door mats, hanging basket hinges, sun dials, letter boxes, signs and more in this beautifully versatile material. Again these help to add an extra layer of charm to your home as well as being extremely durable.


Cast Iron for Beauty

Create a Statement with a Beautiful Cast Iron Bedhead

Finally, regardless of its practical benefits, cast iron is also used quite simply to add a beautiful design feature to a room or area. Consider a tactile and atmospheric cast iron bed head, piece of wall art or clock in either contemporary or traditional spaces to help add a unique and effective feature to the room. In more traditional and rural properties why not add some interesting accessories to your room such as traditional weighing scales and weights, an authentic wall hung bell or an ornate kitchen hanging rack. These smaller additions help finalise your design and add some interest so less dominant areas of your room.


Whether for practical or aesthetic design reasons, do not forget to consider the beautiful and ironically warm and rustic properties of cast iron for your home. Whether on a grand or small scale the wonderfully versatile material adds texture and character to a room or space whilst also being superbly practical and long lasting.

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