Car security is always a cause for concern; however, for those who have expensive cars and luxury homes are now choosing to keep a close eye on their beloved wheels by taking them inside their home! Better to be safe than sorry, but is this going a bit too far?  

90 Homes Blog

Get up close and personal by keeping your car in your living room, where you can stare at it lovingly to make sure it's safe.  

Luxus Blogger

If you're going to keep your cars indoors make sure they colour co-ordinate with your furniture!  


The style and design of your car should reflect the style and design of your décor if it's going to sit comfortably in your home.  


A wall of glass will help you keep an eye on your car without it actually being in the same room.  


Always keep the things you love the most close by you.  

Home Designing

When you're sure your car is safe you can pull the curtain room dividers – your car will still be close by but not quite so in-your-face.  

Street Ego

If you get bored of watching the television you could always stare lovingly at your car through the glass walls of your integral garage.  

Archi Engineering

Juggling car parking is no longer a problem for the wealthy – just use the car elevator to bring your car up to living room level.  

Trend Hunter

This car's close by but in a less intrusive way.


Open planning, including the garage, is fabulous in this luxury home.