Decorating children's bedrooms can be fun but it can also be exasperating! Finding a design which will last more than a few months before they change their minds and move onto another super hero or TV favourite can be tricky, as well as expensive. As such you should opt for children's themes which are affordable as well as the latest in-trend 'must have' to make sleep times pleasurable rather than a battle! Many of the television children's programmes have remained firm favourites over a number of years which enables you to select a theme which has remained and looks to continue be continued for a few more years! The great advantage with these characters is the ability to opt for plain wall colours and floor coverings which will not need to be changed every time your child changes his or her mind as to which is their 'at the moment' must have theme! Choose neutral colours for walls and floors is probably the most suitable and logical thing to do. Look for paint which is washable in order to be able to wipe grubby finger marks as well as accidental crayon marks off easily! Flooring should also be robust so that spills and accidents can be moped up easily without leaving unsightly marks. If the worse happens you can always cover a spoilt area with a rug! Selecting the window dressing is equally important in children's rooms. Whist blinds used in conjunction with curtains offers a great look in children's rooms there has been many debates and concerns raised over the use of blinds which have pull cords as their operating mechanism, due to the risk of entanglement and even possible worst case scenario of strangulation. As such the designers and manufacturers have been working closely together to produce cordless operating Venetian blinds which are affordable as well as practical. These latest designs are the ideal solution for using in children's rooms. The main focus of a child's bedroom can be the bed, as this is where their favourite characters or super heroes can be used to full effect. Bedding which depicts TV characters is ideal for small children, having either matching or coordinating ready made curtains, which have a blackout lining, is also worth having as they will enable children to go to bed whilst it is still light outside and not to wake quite literally at the crack of dawn! Select kids bedding which is made from robust fabric such as polyester cotton blends as these can be laundered and tumble dried quickly and effortlessly. As your child grows boy's bedding can be alternated between the newest super heroes or camouflage designs, whilst older girl's will adore a princess theme in the prettiest of pinks with all the embellishments and trimmings!  

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