Buying Smart for Your Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

We all want our homes to look their best; our homes are a reflection of our tastes, our successes and our personalities. The problem is, keeping up to date with the latest interior fashions and home trends can be quiet a pricey hobby and given the current financial outlook, it makes sense that most us would like to save a few pennies when can. To makes home DIY a little easier on the pocket, I have put together a handy guide on how to get the furniture you want for as little as possible. You’ll see that if you are smart about it and prepared to put in a little detective work, home decorating does not have to cost the earth.

Instead of spending thousands on a new fitted kitchen a really cheap but effective way upgrade is with new doors, handles or worktops. Generally there is nothing wrong with the body of your old fitted units, so it makes no sense to have them ripped out when the only difference you will notice is the exterior. “But how can we be sure the new doors will fit?” I hear you ask.

Just Doors is a company that can has come with a brilliantly straightforward idea of supplying new doors to fit your old units deliver to the UK mainland for free. All you need to do is measure the doors and drawer fronts that you have, then fill out the order form and choose the colour you want. They can be found online and will deliver anywhere in the UK mainland absolutely free of charge- simple but genius.

Online sites that offer the opportunity to search through items of furniture that are being given away can often result in real finds- from table lamps to wall art there is something for everyone. Check out the newest free item website called Snaffleup. It works exactly the same way as the others in that no money is allowed to change hands. You simply search for items by category or enter your postcode and look at items being given away near you.

The site is separated into categories so you don’t have to trawl through reams of things that you don’t need, so it is definitely worth a look. Freecycle is another site of the same nature and has the added bonus of sourcing out furniture that is closest to where you live.

Two similar websites that are always worth a look are Craigslist and Gumtree. These sites differ slightly in that they do allow money to change hands. The upshot of this is there is often a better standard of furniture and sellers will often deliver. Prices are incredibly low and you are given a full history and condition description of anything on sale.

Both sites do have a free section for items being given away, just click on the 'Stuff for Sale' option and click freebies for a list of things in your area. Click on the items you want then email or call the owners to organise a time to collect - but be quick as they tend to go quickly.


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