Button your home!

Today is 16th Button Day! The humble button is an everyday object that we take for granted; predominately used to fasten or decorate clothing, buttons are also used in our homes without us really taking any notice of them. That is only true for those who don't have a passion for buttons! Those that do have found sound fabulous ways of incorporating them into their home décor. A white tub with lid that resembles a white button, with small clothes pegs inside

Not On The High Street

Little trinket boxes with a stylised button lid is ideal for keeping knick-knacks safely stored. A light green dressing unit in front of a light grey wall with pastel toned button decorations on the wall


Giant buttons make great wall decoration. A wooden coat hook that looks like a button

Bugs and Fishes

Large wooden button is perfect as a coat hook. A dark blue cushion covered in pink, blue, yellow, green and orange buttons

Indigo Blue

Brightly coloured assorted sized buttons make a fabulous cushion cover. A typical grey headboard with button dimples all over it

Taylor Llorente Furniture

Many of us take for granted the buttons that create stylish headboards.

Pretty mother-of-pearl buttons can be strung together to make beautiful curtain tiebacks. Double bedding on a bed, with a printed photograph design of different coloured buttons


This brightly coloured button duvet and pillow cases are ideal for anyone who has a passion for sewing. A wooden curtain pole with beige curtains hung at the pole, with looped hoops at the top tied to the curtain using buttons


Buttons can be used to give tab top curtains style. A clock with a button in the centre and different coloured buttons in the place of numbers

Living North East

Old buttons used to make a wall clock. A spool of thread with bendy metal crafting wire used to create a tree shape, with buttons used to creates leaves


Button tree, complete with cotton reel stand, would look lovely as an accessory in many homes. A white canvas with black tree painted on it, then real buttons create 3D leaves and fruit

Art By Wiley

Bespoke button tree is a fantastic way to use all designs and styles of buttons.

Large silicone buttons make great coasters. A white lampshade covered in lots of different coloured buttons

Home Edit

Up-cycle a plain lampshade using buttons. Red ornaments that look like Christmas trees covered in light green and pink buttons

More Trends By MT

For easy home-craft projects red and white buttons stuck onto Styrofoam cones make wonderful Christmas trees. DIY door streamer made from different coloured buttons


It took over 2000 buttons to make this colourful door screen.

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