Built-in Style

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Having built in furniture installed in your home is not only ensures you make better use of the space available but also that you get exactly what you want. Though there is certainly some beautiful furniture on the market today, the one big problem with it is that the shape, size and features come predefined. Wardrobes for example will generally have a small shelved section up top with a large area for hanging underneath and this is fine for most people but what if you have lots of shoes that you want to store, or you prefer extra shelving and less hanging space?

The furniture you include in your home is supposed to work for you, not against- otherwise what is the point in having it? Another problem that can crop up with furniture is size. If the table, wardrobe or bed base you like doesn’t fit into the space you have at home then it is just tough, there is really is nothing that you can do. With built in furniture you have none of these problems- you get exactly what you want, where you want; any size, any style.

The simplest and most common built in feature in most homes is the built-in bedroom wardrobe. A real space saver that can be built as deep or shallow as your needs require, a built-in wardrobe allow you to dictate its layout to the way you store your things. Completely unpresumptuous, it moulds itself around your needs. Having a built-in wardrobe also means you can choose exactly what style you would like the doors to come in- from country style glass fronts with ready made curtains behind to space increasing mirrored doors to warmth inducing wood, there is so much to choose from.

A great feature to have built into your home is a utility wall for your living room. Popularised during the sixties and seventies when designers began to think about how we live in our homes rather than simply what we like in them, utility walls are hugely convenient and well conceived. Rather than losing lots of space around a room with randomly sized and placed items of storage and display furniture, a utility wall which contains lots of cupboard, drawer and shelving space can be a real space saver as it makes use of the whole height and width of the wall, with no wasted space in between. Fans of minimal styling will love feature walls as they allow the rest of the room to remain open and clutter free.

A built-in 1950’s diner style seated area is a great way to maximise space in a small kitchen as the U shaped seating which surrounds the floating table allows more people to squeeze up alongside each other much more than separate chairs. But it is not just on a practical level that diner style seating comes into its own, it is also a really fun feature which adds so much character to a boring old kitchen and your kids will love it. You could even use it as a starting point to build a whole scheme- adding monochrome lino, some Miami art deco style Smeg appliances, a table top juke box and some vividly patterned curtains running on a corded curtain track would transform your kitchen into a scene from Happy Days!

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