Budget nursery ideas you can make at home

Decorating a nursery is fun and exciting, adding personal touches can make or break a décor and while having everything new can look stylish it can work out to be very expensive. Including hand-crafted items makes a child's room even more special and can be up-dated to reflect the mile stones in your child's development.


White nursery bedroom with black mountain outline decal on the wall, and black and white tepee tent in the corner Cartoon style cowboy fabric with cowboy, horse and cactus Blue and white striped fabric
Small children love to have somewhere to chill and 'hide', and there's nothing better than their very own play tent of tepee. Either are relatively easy to make and only require a few basic DIY skills. The most important factor is your child's safety, so make sure use only use child friendly materials and always be extra cautious about potential harms. To make a no sew tepee you'll need 4 or 6, (depending on how large you want the tepee to be), canes or batons of wood (nice and smooth, with no splinters or rough edges). Tie them together at the top leaving apprjuloximately 6''exposed. Chose your fabric, you can go for a them such as cowboys and Indians, or use plain or patterned fabric to compliment the theme and/or colour of your nursery, making sure it's both long and wide enough to wrap around the tepee. Use a glue gun to hold the fabric in place on each baton or cane, remembering to leave an entrance hole! That's about all you need to do, of course you can add embellishments, pendant flags etc. as you wish.

Beanbags and Floor Cushions

Blush pink square cushion leaning against a wooden stool Cute owl patterned fabric swatch in pink, light blue and orange Light brown fabric with transport and vehicles repeat pattern theme
Children love to play, sit, rest and sleep on the floor. Add beanbags and cushions to give them somewhere comfortable. beanbags and cushions are easy to make. Basically they are just large squares or rectangles of fabric filled with polystyrene balls or wadding. Inner linings are a good idea and make cleaning the outer surface fabric much easier. Use fun fabrics to suit your nursery theme or colour palette.


Soft toy lion and lioness on an indoor seat swing, in a light grey room with dark star decals on the wall A metallic picture frame Red hand and foot prints on a white background
Stimulate your little one's mind and help them develop their eye focus by putting pictures on the nursery walls. Make you own using your baby's hand or foot prints or your toddler's first attempts at art to give your room a loving, caring feel. Family photos framed in a group are ideal for children's rooms. Shop bought pictures are fine but make your own and you'll be able to treasure them for years to come. If you decide to make hand and footprint pictures be sure to use child friendly paint.

Fun Flooring

Round woven rugs in red, blue and purple piled on top of each other Multi coloured woven rug in lots of bright rainbow colours Striped fabric in cream, beige and red
Just like beanbags and floor cushions the addition of a rug can make for softer landing for toddlers and give a soft play to play and rest. You can make your own rugs using a variety of materials, for example pompoms, scrap fabrics, crochet or knitted.


Light grey nursery with soft toy animal mobile over the cot String and wood kids cot mobile with wooden birds in yellow and orange A white and cream nursery with cot by two windows in the corner of the room and a bright felt mobile with flowers and characters
Babies and small children love mobiles and no nursery would be complete without at least one. They can be made from all manner of materials, paper, fabric, feathers...the list is endless! just make sure you don't hang it too low as little hands will reach up to grab it.

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