A beautiful mix of old and new dining rooms are often part of open plan living, especially kitchen-diner combinations. While it's great to be able to chat informally to family and friends whilst preparing a meal it's also advisable to give both area its own defined space, where one compliments the other and smoothly flows with your interior design style. Counter tops with cupboards are the ideal way to separate the areas without actually having a wall. Another great way to visually and tastefully define the areas is to change the flooring. Flooring While some may prefer the continuous flow of flooring seamlessly going from one area to another it can sometimes look a little overwhelming, more especially if both areas have large expanses of unobstructed flooring. Maybe you want to protect wooden flooring cheap rugs placed under the table are a great idea and can help ground your colour scheme. Colour scheme Once again we see dreamy whites as the base colour sitting stylishly next to wooden cupboards and flooring. There doesn't have to be an defined accent colour as such because the natural colours of the wood will be perfect. Walls Plain white teamed with natural bricks and wood are ideal. Wall art can be used to break up large expanses of white. Window treatments Full length white voile or tab top curtains provide a dreamy look and are a great way to give your dining room privacy when needed. Place the track or curtain pole close to the ceiling to make the windows look longer and higher. Furnishings Go with a table and chairs which speaks your interior design style. Wood and wire provide a modern look, for additional comfort you can always add plump seat pads which compliment a trendy table runner. Accessories Keep them stylishly simple. Clear vases of vibrant fresh flowers always look great on a dining room table. Fruit bowls piled high with fresh fruits are another dining room staple which relates to a dining room and kitchen. Irrespective the style of your dining room the important thing to remember is that families are being encouraged to eat together when ever they can. Once you have a beautiful dining area or room there's no excuse not to use it on a daily basis even it's only lazy weekend breakfast or an evening meal. But this can only happen if you make sure that your dining room is only used for its designed purpose – eating.

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