Dining rooms have seen a huge resurgence in the last couple of years and the trend to return dining rooms to their original intention, that of dining, is one of this year's hottest interior design trends. However, with limited space you may want to share the space with a home office, craft room or a kitchen. Whatever the layout of your home we have some budget friendly dining room ideas to help you give your dining room its own identity. Wooden furniture is ideal for a dining room and gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing a colour scheme. Dark or light coloured wood look stunning with delicious chocolate tones, creams and muted whites. This colour combination works well in all styles of homes and can easily be tweaked so that you can use your existing furniture. If your table has seen better days and you don't want a Shabby Chic look, them simply use a linen table cloth to cover the surface. Matching or co-ordinating seat pads are an inexpensive yet stylish way to give your chairs a new look. Adding pattern will also change the look of the room. An area rug placed under the table is a practical and trendy way to bring colour and texture to the flooring and is far more budget friendly than replacing carpets or stripping floorboards. Try adding pattern to one wall to make a feature of it. Patterned wallpaper is ideal and looks striking next to plain ringtop curtains in a deep chocolate tone. It's always best to go for full length curtains as they'll add a touch of elegance to both formal and informal dining rooms. Your plain table can also be enhanced by using a table runner which has a subtle pattern. Keep the colour scheme flowing through the room will show that you have an eye for detail and can bring the most dishevelled looking dining rooms back to their former glory. Do away with clutter, if you're lacking storage side-boards and dressers are perfect companions for table and chairs. You can opt for matching or stand alone pieces, either can look super when not piled high with clutter and have the same colour hues as the rest of the room. Bring natural warmth to the room by using wooden accessories, just a few strategically placed on a mantle shelf or dresser will add to the character of the room beautifully.

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