Just because you have a small dining room doesn't mean that it can't be packed full of style. Round tables are preferable to square or rectangular, as you'll be bale to fit more people or larger chairs round without feeling too cramped. Colours By using white with natural wood and wicker accents you'll soon see that the space opens up. You have to face facts that small is never going to look enormous, but with careful considerations given to every aspect of its interior design style you'll be able to maximise the available space. Walls As we saw in yesterday's post white walls are the ideal backdrop and can make the room appear larger and lighter. However, don't go for brilliant whites, instead go for softer whites as these are easier on the eye and won't give a sterile look to the room. Window treatments Keep things simple yet stylish, plain white or cream ring top or tab top curtains will frame a small beautifully. Don't be tempted to opt for short curtains as this can actually make the window look short and squat, whereas full length will make the window appear longer and more elegant. Furnishings Another good idea is not to shy away from large form furniture, modern furniture is suitable for even the smallest of dining rooms and when placed correctly can make a bold statement. Make chairs more comfortable by using seat pads in the colour hue as the curtains to bring balance and cohesion to the room. Flooring Plain flooring can be brought into the theme with cheap rugs made from natural materials such as sisal. The rough texture will add another dimension and enhance the overall look effectively. Accessories Keep accessories relevant to the theme by using natural materials. Green foliage plants compliment wicker furniture, giving a slightly 'old colonial' look. The vibrancy of the foliage sits comfortably next to the warmth of natural wood and brings freshness into the room. Mirrors can also be used to give a visual extension of the room. If possible place a mirror on the wall opposite the window to help move light around the room. Ideally mirrors should be hung approximately two thirds of the way up a wall or one third down from the ceiling – this can obviously be adjusted to suit the height of the people in your home. Small dining rooms simply don't have the space for clutter, if your items can't be stored in the sideboard then you'll need to find somewhere else for them!

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