Budget bachelor pads with style

Today's bachelors don't live in squalor as their stereotypical persona indicates. Like their appearance, their pads are styled with great care, many adopting the latest trends to keep them and their living place chic and stylish. Furthermore, bachelors don't have to be earning big salaries to get the look, the style can be achieved on a budget too. Original Brian Patrick Flynn BachelorPad Living Room


Probably the easiest way to have a stylish pad is to get rid of the clutter. Like any home clutter makes a room look yucky rather than wow. modern minimalist bedroom


Go for white and pale wood to give a chic look that has a designer style. White bedding and accessories are usually the cheapest, so this colour combo is the way to go if your wallet isn't very fat. Pool table bachelor pad

Next Luxury

On the opposite side of the colour spectrum is black. Considered a masculine colour it can be just as easy to create a stylish pad using black, go on-trend if a high-gloss finish to add more wow. Minimalist lounge

Bachelor Haus

Adopt the industrial loft motif to get a pad that oozes chic style. Whitewash brickwork, strip wood floorboards and highlight with a dark grey leather Chesterfield. Modern bachelor bathroom

Design Indulgences

Pay attention to bathrooms. Clean towels and no clutter will go a long way to achieving style. Bar top beer cooler

Home Edit

Take a budget approach in the kitchen with a worktop that has a space cut out for beer storage. DIY with care to ensure it looks designer rather than disaster. Modern dining room

Zin Home

Mixing vintage and retro with new is a great way to get a stylish pad that doesn't break the bank if you do some savy and thrifty shopping. Tan leather living room furniture

Home My Design

Who says walls have to be smooth? Rough, almost dilapidated concrete and bricks can be made to look chic. Stylish cinema room

Syndicate Details

Themes a fabulous way of finding a decorating scheme. Show off you passions in your choice of décor and use it to turn a room into a showcase of your style. Floating effect bed

Living And Kitchen

Adding a statement piece that isn't too OTT to add the wow factor is the key to success.

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