Broaden your horizons - part 6 - be inventive in the study

Not everyone has a designated study room and not everyone needs a dedicated study room. What about those of you who do? Studies don't get half as much attention to detail as other rooms in the house and for those of us who rely on our study to inspire or spark creativity - it is well worth the effort to design an inventive and welcoming atmosphere.

Our special feature on 'Broaden Your Horizons' knows better than to leave this important living/working/learning space in the blue. We know that you can't wait to discover some design ideas and inspirations for decorating the study, so lets dive in! Oh - but for those who don't have a designated study and still need some office space, we have some cool tips for you too.

  • In fact, our first inventive idea for the study resolves the issue of sharing it with your living room. You would need a large space to pull this off, but sectioning the room and defining a study space can be achieved by standing a shelving unit to hide each part from one another. What looks really impressive is a shelving unit that mixes both open and contained units - so not all is hidden.
  • Again, if you have to incorporate a study into another room of the house or a spare room that is lacking in space, go with a desk that is completely made from glass - very cool and gives the impression of using less space.
  • Struggling to find space? A simple desk and chair can be placed in the most tiniest of spaces. Do you have a landing with a window that offers plenty of light? Squeeze your desk in front and look for pretty sheer curtain material online that will restrain strong glares from the sun.
  • On one side, it can be a blessing to sit facing out of the window with attractive and calm views. We don't all have the perfect window views though and for many of us, our view out of the window can be a distraction. Get around it by using cheap Venetian blinds that keep passers by out of view but still let some light through.
  • How can you make an office look like it isn't an office? You might want to if exists in another living space such as the lounge or bedroom. Your solution would be to use storage options which hide all paperwork and other office supplies. Another inventive trick is to swap your desk lamp with more interesting table lamps UK. Make it even more homely by laying down a floor rug and placing an attractive piece of artwork on the wall - one large canvas would be a cool statement.

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