Broaden your horizons - part 5 - go bold in the bathroom

Continuing with our feature on how to broaden your horizons, we have chosen to take a peek into your bathrooms and well, we were a little bit disappointed! Of course, we mean this in the nicest way possible but standard white bathrooms with a dated shower curtain and a mix match of towels just won't do!

Of course we are making assumptions here as we we didn't really do any peeking - but I think you would agree that the bathroom is often left out when adding some punch and personality. The room is convenient for washing and visiting the loo - does it matter what it looks like? Yes - broaden your horizons and get with the times because bathrooms are becoming sanctuaries and they too deserve a beautiful design approach.

Be Bold With New Contemporary Bathrooms

Your first thoughts on being bold will probably have something to do with using daring colours or accessories. True, being braver with colour choice and using accessories that have an attitude of their own can really be the turning point in a dull bathroom. However, you can simply take a page out of contemporary interior design ideas and update your bathroom to give it more character. Here are a few ideas:

  • Don't show your guests your new-look bathroom, show them your new at-home spa! You can make a bold statement if you have the space for a luxury bathroom design. Have a think about a free-standing, claw-foot bath and polished marble flooring.
  • Okay - bold in the sense of colour can be achieved with some new mosaic style tiles around the bath and shower. The larger and lighter your space the more shocking colours you can use - aquamarine blues, fresh greens or glossy reds. Smaller bathroom? Either add the tiling in small areas or choose lighter shades of your favourite colour - pretty pastel pinks, powdery blues or creamy yellows, team with cheap vertical blinds for a cohesive look.

Be Bold With Inspiration From Trendy Hotels

You won't be broadening your horizons if you don't dare to be bold and take risks with your bathroom décor. You might not pull off an entire hotel-inspired bathroom if you are limited on space or even money - but you can make it work with picking out your favourite elements.

  • Going for glossy surfaces on floors and walls will be bold and maybe even high maintenance - but you can't beat that super-sleek contemporary look. Let just the right amount of light in with cheap Venetian blinds in white.
  • Loving these bold statements? Our last design tip is to go bigger, better and bolder with your shower. Rainfall showers add luxury to any bathroom - keep them visible and on show by having a clear glass door as opposed to a frosted one. If your bathroom is entirely resistible to the odd splash then why have a shower door at all? (Okay, a wet-room or large tub would be a good idea!)

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