Broaden your horizons - part 3 - change your window dressing

We do want you all to broaden your horizons because we think you deserve it! The good news is that we don't expect a lot of work on your part and we are not asking you to completely overlook your entire home design. It is a lot easier than that - so easy that you can dramatically change the look of your interiors by just changing your window dressing. We hope to eliminate some of the stress and share with you some of our favourite window dressings - the ones that really do make a difference.
  • Create soft waves and you have a versatile look. Curtains that fall with soft waves can be romantic, casual and modern all at the same time. To achieve this look, first choose your curtain fabrics online and then attach a wide heading pleat to the top section - the rest is done for you. No matter how many times you open and close your curtains, the heading pleat will always make sure that those naturally waved pleats are just right. Another tip to make this window dressing supreme is to have a simple and sleek suspension rail and enough curtain length so that they just brush the floor. For the wow-factor, choose a luxurious material such as velvet or a contemporary print.
  • Double poles sound like double the work - but it will be the pole itself doing the double work! Aside from allowing a gorgeous window dressing, double poles give you all the privacy you need. It also helps when you can't decide between sheer fabrics and standard curtains. It works especially well in a bay window with the sheer silk curtain fabric hung central at sill-length and curtains draped at the sides which can later be closed for full privacy. Make it more interesting by choosing a big bloom flower print on the curtains.
  • Panels are another great idea to jazz up those boring windows - especially if the view outside is just as dull (we can't all have sweeping landscapes to peer out at!). Panels can be created in many ways to suit your individual style and colour/pattern preferences. The best method of using panels is to have a block colour for the upper two thirds and an attractive pattern for the lower third. This window dressing will appeal to those who like a little creativity and you can add your own touches by using ribbon, beading to separate the panels. Go with sill-length so that the pattern is closer to the window itself and choose complimenting colours.
  • Finally, you can use made to measure blinds together with ready made curtains for the easiest route to changing your window dressing. All you have to worry about is choosing your favourite colours and/or patterns. By using blinds and curtains together, you have a look that is very interesting but doesn't have to be too showy.

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