Broaden your horizons - part 1 - try a new colour in your lounge

Welcome to our new feature for interior design inspiration - Broaden Your Horizons. If you haven't guessed already, this special feature is about looking further into interior design and seeing around the corners. It is about looking beyond the familiar in decorating and embracing some fresh ideas for the home.

Perhaps it is the onset of summer that has made us think about colour and how our contemporary neutral schemes could do with a pick-me-up. We are going to be taking a look at one of our favourite rooms in the house and give some interior design advice on trying new colours in the lounge! The lounge is a space for living and a great proportion of our free time is spent in this room of the house.

We stretch out on the sofa after a long day at work or after a weekend shopping spree, watch our favourite programs or films on the TV, entertain our guests, play games with the children etc. etc. This room is so full of life and activity that it should be anything but absent of colour.

Whether you change to a colour that you love and never dared to use before or you like the sound of one of our suggestions - just try a new colour and broaden your horizons! How To Choose A New Colour Scheme: As we mentioned before, you might already have a favourite colour that you have been shy to use in the past - instead, choosing contemporary neutral palettes that are safe and easy to work with.

That is perfectly okay, but I bet you always get that feeling that something is missing - your own personal style and colour choices perhaps? Trying a new colour doesn't have to mean a complete makeover of your room and it can be done gradually so as not to come as a shock.

Our advice is to add in colour gently if you are feeling nervous - a new set of cushions or throws for your sofa in bright, fresh colours or a selection of coloured vases as a décor piece. Once you start to add colour it will be easier to see the bigger picture - those hot pink curtains probably would be a welcoming change after all and work really effectively with your existing neutrals!

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