Bring out your hidden animal instincts

There's an animal instinct in us all! While some prefer to only see the patterns on the actual animals themselves, others use these distinctive markings to create stunning interior décor and accessories. Animal prints remain bang on-trend and with Autumn/Winter approaching they typically become even more popular. Cosy living room with an African-esque black and red design, with Zebra print armchair

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Black and white zebra patterns can sit comfortably within most decorating motifs. Having just one piece can turn it into an accent that isn't too overbearing. Modern home office with gold accessories, leopard print cushion and arrow decorative light

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Adding a leopard print cushion to an office style chair can make a work place more user friendly and comfortable. High black bed frame with white bedding, and animal print bench at the foot of the bed


Using animal prints gives a room a luxury look – but only when it's not OTT!

Choose an unusual print, such as giraffe, to create a unique look that has the call of the wild. Zebra print used throughout a funky modern white, grey and silver living space

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Using an animal print as your main pattern design you can achieve a luxury look without actually including any real hides or furs.

Animal prints work extremely well with neutral colour schemes. Not only do they work well in safari themes, they can be used to bring pattern and texture to a room. Leather sofa and green arm chair, with a footstool with a red faux animal print design

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By using the print pattern you can have any colour to compliment your palette, it will still look stylishly stunning. A woman painting a cheetah print on a yellow wall

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Be creative and stencil walls with animal print designs and patterns

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