There are certainly some bright sparks within the world of design! Innovative mood lighting comes in a range of stylish designs that can be used in any style of home or maybe even in workplaces to create a sense of calm and tranquillity. 153019175


If there's one room that mood lighting is most effective it's the bedroom. This may look harsh on the eyes but it has a magical effective that's perfect for setting the mood so to speak. wireless lamps

Furniture Fashion

The second most common place to use mood lighting is the bathroom. There's nothing quite like a soak in the bath with some gentle lighting to help you unwind and de-stress. chair-with-mood-light-1

Digs Digs

This chair has its own embedded mood lighting. interactiveambienceiphonedock

Grid and Gutter

Mood lighting iphone docking station – just in case you've been inundated with cold calls! 7863501

AMJ Electrical

Mood lighting can be used to great effect in home theatres. LED-art-wash-basin

Led News

Back in the bathroom for a hand basin that has built-in LED mood lights. iBulb

Parcel 2 Go

Use the latest technology to choose different coloured lighting for every room. unique-bubble-chairs-Rousseau-555x581

Dekris Design

This awesome illuminated Bubble Chair by Rousseau makes you feel relaxed just looking at it! 9f15beca704435f56d39e90ee6afd68c

Value Lights

Hanging seats with mood lighting are perfect for outdoor spaces. contemporary-wall-original-concept-for-mood-lighting-0-823


This contemporary wall design for mood lighting reminds me of central heating radiators!

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