Boxing Clever

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

The box room- the Bermuda Triangle of domestic design. How lost it leaves us when you just can’t put off decorating it any longer. It may be small in stature but really can cause big problems- but not for long. Consider this blog “Box Room 101”, by following it to the letter, box room will appear to magically grow before your very eyes. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it as a bedroom, a home study, a quiet room or a miniature gym that will never be used (wipe that “who me?” look from your face!), space is what you need and with our help, space is exactly what you will get.

First choose a light coloured emulsion for the walls. Lighter shades give the illusion of added space by making the perimeter of the room les defined. It also helps if the colours are cooler as cool tones are calming and if you are calm you are less likely to experience feelings of claustrophobia. Light or cornflower blue, aqua, lavender, mint or any gentle shade of green are all perfect.

Once painted, adorn your walls with mirrors rather than pictures and posters which would make your walls look overly busy. Mirrors are fantastic at making spaces appear twice the size they really are so the bigger the better.

Try to get as much use out every inch of space that you use up. For example, keep storage boxes under a bed and shelving directly above it; better yet purchase a bed with stilted legs which leave enough space underneath for cupboards and drawers. A wall sprung bed is an option if you work in your bedroom during the daytime, as are folding chairs.

Many items of furniture and technology are cleverly designed to have double uses. A sofa bed for example lets you get the most use out a single space. Another good example of this kind of canny design is a T.V. which can also be used as a computer screen. Make use of such items to lessen the need to cram your box room completely full.

Décor should be unfussy and linear. A simple roller blind or roman blind should be chosen over curtains and simple furniture with elegant, clean lines should be chosen over any kind of ornate or overly elaborate types. Clean lines and plain, flat surfaces will streamline the space and help reflect light rather than swallow it.

A utility wall which contains all the storage you need is a much better alternate to a number of free standing storage units as it makes much better use of the space by using the height and width of the wall. Similarly, a built in sliding door wardrobe uses space much better than a free standing type. The sliding door also mean less space needs to be left free directly in front of the wardrobe.

Whatever scheme or décor you choose, the most important thing to remember is to remain true to the style throughout the whole space. A continuous (perhaps cubik!) theme will make the room appear much bigger than a disjointed finish with lots of different points of inspiration.

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