Boho Bed Tents

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

A bohemian bedroom complete with tent style bed canopy is a great idea for those wanting a little individuality in their décor. The word bohemian conjures images of plush fabrics and strong colours set to a freestyle decorating motif. Eclectic and colourful, a bohemian bedroom is rich in character and diverse in the details. Below is a step by step guide for creating that wonderful menagerie of striking decorative accents mixed with lavishly loud linens which make up that unmistakable style. Fittingly, there are seven steps to your bedroom heaven.


Choose a fitting colour scheme. Nothing is more important to a bohemian feel than a bold colour pallet. Paint walls red, orange or hot pink and bring in accent colours through the bedspread and window treatments.


Get the lighting right. Look for large table lamps with ornately sculpted stands then drape over them coloured scarves to dim the room and add gentle colour to the light being shone. While not exactly practical for every day use, pink or red light bulbs produce the same effect but with added intensity.


Go heavy on the knick knacks and decorative touches that have old world charm. Scour junk shops, antique shops and car boot sales for anything eye catching. The trick is to make the decoration in your bedroom look like it was collected organically over the years rather than heavily styled and tightly arranged. Similar to “boho” fashion, bohemian interiors should look effortlessly but elegantly thrown together.


Dress up the bed. Choose a very low standing bed around surround it with oversized pillows and beanbags so that the whole area becomes a space for relaxation and reflection. Choose a duvet with rich colour and detail and add vibrantly patterned throws and blankets for layered colour and added texture.


Create a tent style canopy over and around the bed. Use a large pin hook to attach some gold detailed curtain material to the ceiling. Then either allow it to hang around the perimeter of the for a more intimate feel or create a billowing Moroccan feel by stapling the edges to the walls- creating a gently sweeping curve as you go. Cover the stapled area with tie backs or tassels.


Cover walls with unusual artwork, fabric tapestries or wallpaper. Wall hangings should be in keeping with the opulent design scheme, whereas wallpapers must be floral with more than a touch of the psychedelic - look for vinyl in reds, purples, oranges with swirls and paisley patterns.


Go natural and dusty with your furniture. Tired old cupboards and drawers, battered French Renaissance style wardrobes and wicker and bamboo furniture are all perfect for this look. Shabby chic is the look you are trying to achieve- wooden furniture that has a few extra wrinkles but lost none of its charm. Again, trawling the junk shops is likely to be much more rewarding here than visiting the more modern furniture outlets.

The unique selling point of a bohemian bedroom is its adaptability. Its thrown together make up means it will grow with you and allow for changes in your taste- you don’t have to worry about things not matching or the room dating- a boho boudoir will forever remain untouched by the world outside.


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